Biodynamic Pioneer Maria Thun Dies At 89

 A lifetime farmer, born in 1922 in Germany, Maria Thun received her introduction to Biodynamics at the Institute for Biodynamic Research.

She was fascinated by Dr. Rudolf Steiners indications concerning the effect of planetary rhythms. Maria Thun grew radishes, potatoes and grains for almost three decades, noting the positions of the moon. She took conscientious notes on the production of the different parts of the plants.

Years of exploration led her to conclude, that root crops are enhanced in quality and quantity if sown when the moon is transiting through the earth signs Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo; flowering plants do best when the moon is in the air signs Libra, Aquarius and Gemini; fruits did better when planted while the moon is in the fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. When the moon is found in the water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, leafy crops do best.

These observations are based on the observable phenomenon as it appears in the sky (sidereal) from Earth as opposed to heliocentric, tropical data. Her undaunting labor inspired her Biodynamic Sowing and Planting Calendar.

This work led to the development of other calendars, most notably Stella Natura. Maria Thun’s scientific research should be an inspiration to all biodynamic gardeners and farmers.

Maria Thun passed away February 9, 2012

Biodynamic and Organic Juices


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Is it possible to practice biodynamics without the use of animal products?

During my many years as a backyard biodynamic and organic gardener I have often been asked, “Is it possible to practice biodynamics without the use of animal products?”

I think that the question that should be asked is it possible that agriculture could be practiced at all without the use of animals, most notably the cow, the bee and the earthworm. The plethora of creatures great and small; insects, nematodes, Ciliate, flagellates, amoeba, mites, ants, aphids, birds, moles, voles, rabbits and woodchucks contribute their excretions and bodies to the living soil organism and are as important as the flora with which they coexist.

Also agriculture is totally bound up with culture and if you have studied anthropology you would know that there has never been a “vegan” culture. Even India where there are a goodly number of vegetarians would be totally bankrupt if it were not for the “Holy Cow” that provides milk, fuel and fertilizer. In the western world we have removed the cow from the farm and placed them in stock yards in mounds of their own manure and that is an aberration that has bankrupted our agriculture.

Is it possible to concoct homeopathic remedies that do not directly rely on animal products to heal the earth? I am certain that it can be done and would be a great area of research for one who is so inclined. One would have to study the preparations and their planetary attributes as well as the micro-life they foster. I have met many biodynamic farmers who do not ingest meat or practice the slaughter of animals. I am sure there are “vegan” participants in the world who have taken inspiration from the “Agriculture” lectures and have molded their own practices of the science to conform to the personal choices that they have made. I’m sure there have been some that have met with varying degrees of success. I know that Alan Chadwick, the master gardener did not use the preparations exactly as Rudolf Steiner indicated. He was a big fan of herbal teas as well as using plants that were not mentioned in the original recommendations. His success was phenomenal.

It is up to each of us to use reason, observation and experience to create the farm organism that reflects our being. Being totalitarian about any system cannot be beneficial, After all it is a world of all possible worlds and there is certainly infinite variety in the human condition.